EXTRA guarantee for your new tail lift

  • all around coverage for most parts
  • no extra costs

PALFINGER Tail Lifts is offering you a 5 year extended guarantee free of charge on all 1500 kg and above Cantilever, Retractable and Foldable/Tuckaway Tail Lifts.​

  • Free 5 years guarantee on structural components, parts​ only*
  • 24 months warranty on all components, full parts and labour**
  • Exclusive to Tail Lifts sold and maintained in Austria, France, Germany and United Kingdom, invoiced after 1 September 2020

* Components include Platform, Beam, Lifting Arm, Mounting Brackets.
**  Wear parts excluded.

The guarantee package is conditional upon Tail Lifts being registered and will be subject to the recommended maintenance by a PALFINGER approved service partner

Just register your details and lift serial number here below:

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  • With this registration, I agree that PALFINGER needs to keep records of my personal data for at least 5 years.

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Service hotline

Spare parts orders with availability check & shipment tracking as well as online warranty claims for tail lifts and spare parts warranty extensions and E-Claim are also available on the web shop.

Comprehensive information on PALFINGER tail lifts innovative products & services portfolio.

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